January came and went as a bit of a blur for me - I used it to put in place the groundwork for a year of projects so I've not really had a moment to reflect on some of the cool stuff that's happened yet.


The Residue of a Relationship was accepted into the 10th annual Love Actually Short Film Showcase in New York, which is amazing news. Add to that the fact that it'll be screened on Valentine's Day and I think it's a pretty great setting for my little film.

It'll also be getting a screening at an Arkade event in my native Sheffield which should be a good opportunity for my friends and peers to get a look at it amongst some other great work by Sheffield folks.


Feedback that I've had from advanced copies of the film has been overwhelmingly positive so far, which has been super heartening, but I can't deny that I'm slightly nervous about the prospect of it going out into the world.